I INTRODUCTION Suicide, intentional, self-inflicted death. A uniquely human act, suicide occurs in all cultures. People who attempt or complete suicide usually suffer from extreme emotional pain and distress and feel unable to cope with their                       problems. They are… Read More

How to Make Your Honeymoon a Success

Janice Shaw Crouse, Beverly LaHaye Institute Wednesday, September 19, 2007 In a time when more and more couples are living together without marriage, the honeymoon would seem to be a throwback to an antiquated time when couples actually needed time away and alone to consummate their union after the wedding… Read More

The Importance Of A Christian Honeymoon

To help the newly married couple make the new and more intimate adjustments to each other that marriage requires, a honeymoon of some fashion is planned. “Very commonly the honeymoon takes the form of a trip. This affords a change in environment and removal from old associations. It has importance also in… Read More

Understanding Family Diversity

O U T L I N E Systems Theories and Family Differences Ways in Which Families Are Different Ethnicity, Race, and Culture Economic Differences in Families Gender Role Identity Families and Religiosity Geographic Region Application to Early Childhood Education Programs Celebrating diversity Inclusiveness Ethical Considerations Relating These Factors to Developmentally… Read More

Family Philanthropy and Diversity

The stereotypical family philanthropy is an affluent, monochromatic family foundation controlled by a dominant patriarch and his spouse, their elite Baby Boomer children and their spouses, with Gen X and Gen Y grandchildren waiting in the wings.   This all-too-pervasive view is less true by the day, if it was… Read More

Family Dynamics

Family philanthropists seek to do good as a family, as a group of people bound by love, lineage, law, and a little luck. Families do argue. Families have baggage. Just like their professional counterparts. Families also have affection—for spouses, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and grandchildren. They listen… Read More

Forgiveness and Restoration

Forgiveness and Restoration by Rose Sweet Why Do We Find It So Hard to Forgive? One reason we resist forgiving is that we don’t really understand what forgiveness is or how it works. We think we do, but we don’t. Most of us assume that if we forgive our offenders,… Read More

Turning Your Marriage Around

Turning Your Marriage Around by Mitch Temple “Attitudes Don’t Really Count” “Remember that whatever you do in life, ninety percent of it is half mental.” Yogi Berra1 In November of the tenth year of our marriage, Rhonda and I were discussing a sensitive issue that comes up every year: where we… Read More

Learning to Communicate

Learning to Communicate by Romie Hurley A Non Sequitur cartoon by Wiley Miller pictures a couple in bed. The wife has put down the book she’s been reading and said something to her husband. Here’s what he heard: “Time for the annual review of how you make my life a living nightmare.”… Read More

Q&A: Dealing With Previous Relationships

Q&A: Dealing With Previous Relationships by Focus on the Family Is it wise to live together before getting married? Will living together help you figure out whether or not you should get married? Is premarital sex ok if both partners are committed to the relationship? Dr. Bill answers your questions.… Read More