Does Your Spouse See Jesus in You?

by Matthew J. White It’s 5:21 in the morning, and the alarm goes off. I roll over and hit the snooze button in hopes of just nine more minutes of sleep before the day begins. At 5:24, my two-year-old quietly – his version of quietly, anyway – enters the room… Read More

Sacrificial Love

“Love” can be defined in many ways. Christ’s love for us is an unconditional love, and this is the love we are to seek in marriage. by Matthew J. White In my book, Married to Jesus, I tell the story of my love for Blue Bell® ice cream. “The best… Read More

Serving With the Right Attitude

Serving your spouse should be considered an opportunity and conducted with joy. Jesus was the perfect example of serving with the right attitude. by Matthew J. White Imagine you’re sitting down to watch the debut of a new sitcom called “Married to Jesus.” (Roll with me for a minute, here.)… Read More

Forgiving When It's Not Easy

The Bible tells us to forgive unconditionally, but it doesn’t say we are to forget immediately. Sometimes it takes time to rebuild the trust that’s been lost. by Matthew J. White One Bible story that stuck with me ever since I was a kid is the story about Peter asking… Read More

Humility and Self-Forgetfulness

While humility is not often praised in society today, it is a characteristic that Christ displayed at every turn. Marriage offers the perfect testing grounds for humility. by Matthew J. White What comes to mind when you hear the word “humility?” When used outside of the context of the Bible,… Read More

Next Steps and Related Information

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