Your Child's Emotions

How to Help Your Child Grieve

How to Help Your Child Grieve by Candy Arrington Grandpa Joe has terminal cancer. Great-aunt Susie is in the nursing home hospital ward. Your child’s classmate just died in a car accident. Terrorist attacks and reports of wars fill the evening news … Death is an ever-present fact of life,… Read More

Childhood Fears

Childhood Fears by Colleen Shemeley Just as your children grow and change, so do their fears. Monsters under the bed, thunderstorms or loud noises probably no longer cause your child to need your reassuring words and hugs. Fourth and fifth graders’ most common anxieties are being kidnapped, parents divorcing, someone… Read More

When Children Become Angry

When Children Become Angry by Shana Schutte Have you ever wished that your kids came with an instruction manual? Wouldn’t it be nice if, at birth, they came with a slip of paper telling you how to do everything, from change their diaper to change their attitude? This “instruction manual” could… Read More

Emotional Development

Emotional Development by Veola Vasquez Mark and Jenny are about to have their first child. They have done everything they can to prepare for their new infant. To care for their baby’s physical needs, they have diapers, formula and outfits in all sizes. To stimulate their baby cognitively, they have… Read More