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Dealing With Depression

April 29, 2021

by Focus on the Family

Depression is a disease that can make marriage miserable. When one spouse is depressed, it affects both partners. It can rob emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy and drives both parties into isolation.
If your spouse is depressed, you might feel ignored, unimportant and frustrated. Maybe you wonder why your mate can’t just turn off the negativity and get on with life. If you’re the one who is depressed, perhaps you wish that your spouse would get off your back and you’re feeling trapped with little hope for recovery.
There is hope.
No matter who is suffering from depression, we can help. There are many people who have already traveled this dark road and have provided information we hope will bring encouragement.
Isn’t it time to take steps toward healing? The sooner you act, the sooner you can change your relationship for the better.

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