my daughter is 3 years old and im a teen mom is it wrong that i think of giving her up for adoption so she can have a better life 7008

My daughter is 3 years old and I’m a teen mom. Is it wrong that I think of giving her up for adoption so she can have a better life?

April 30, 2021

How do we identify better life or tell if the person have got better life or future? Nobody can identify that because people might think that if you have more money is solution for better life. If you as a mother cannot give better life to your child no one could do that.

A child need their real mother affection more then money. Let me say this, you got a child by accident or sleeping with wrong person or not ready to be a mother but let me tell you this, there are many children who are actually confused about living or cause some chaos because they never had real mother or father affection during their childhood. Furthermore, take sometime to read some rich people biography, you will found out that all of them got parenthood from their childhood and some of their parents wasn’t rich at all but middle class, they made it through. Every child potential and successful depending on their real parents not adopted parents, only a few of adoption children made it to the top or able to reaching potential.

Whatever you are going through now or made you think to give your child away in order to get better life, please don’t you can make it through. Look for a job, stay away from bad influence from friends, or any person that will cause you confusion in this life.

Please, be fouse, think like 40 years old now, because the friends that you pick today can determine your future. I know you can make it through, no matter what you do just remember that I have a child to take care off, I need to feed my child. If you don’ have college degree yet do some certification program that will help you get some income to feed your child.

Determination is a key to open rich doors, so be more then wise, if the guy don’ want to help is alright you can make it, look for a church to go because there you will get more support, but since I don’ know what you believe all I will say is you can make it.

Also remember that my child will be next president and I will do all my best to make sure that my child can reach potential, can get better life and education, make your child as your mother, father, siblings and boyfriend because only a mother who don’ t love their child always give them away as adoption. Please, love that child as your own as you love your own body.

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